The Winner of the Henry Wallman Prize in medical technology 2021
Emmy Jonsson

The Foundation for Bio-Medical Engineering at Chalmers has awarded the 2021 Innovation Prize in the spirit of Henry Wallman to Associate Professor Andreas Fhager, Chalmers.

Publish date: 2021-06-28
This is the fourth year the prize is awarded, consisting of a diploma and a scholarship.
The award will be handed over to the laureate in connection with a seminar in the autumn.
Andreas Fhager is associate professor of biomedical electromagnetics and leader of the research group of the same name at the Department of Electrical Engineering at Chalmers. Andreas has devoted an essential part of his research to developing and studying microwave-based technology as a method in medical diagnostics. Several different application areas are relevant in this work - microwave tomography for breast cancer diagnosis, muscle damage in sports medicine, bleeding in the abdomen and thoracic regions, and stroke and head injuries. Methodologically, the applications are based on analysis of microwave distribution in different types of tissue. Andreas is also one of the founders of Medfield Diagnostics AB, which further develops and productifies stroke and head injury diagnostics, where a long-term and well-developed collaboration with clinical neurophysiologists and stroke neurologists can potentially in the near future help revolutionize acute stroke care. With his solid medical expertise and commitment, coupled with the ability to build constructive collaborations with medical expertise and a strong entrepreneurial streak, Andreas Fhager is a very worthy recipient of the Henry Wallman Prize 2021.