Sahlgrenska Science Park celebrates VERIGRAFT’s regulatory milestone and extended support from Vinnova

CO-AX, the healthtech accelerator at Sahlgrenska Science Park, proudly acknowledges the recent achievements of VERIGRAFT, a prominent member of its life science community. VERIGRAFT has reached a major regulatory safety milestone in the TECVI-1 trial, further supported by extended funding from Vinnova CAMP for their arterial graft development project.

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Jamie Smith

TECVI-1 trial: a major step forward

The TECVI-1 trial is evaluating the safety of Personalized Tissue-Engineered Veins (P-TEV) with valves implanted in patients with severe chronic venous insufficiency (CVI). Half of the patients have now been treated, and the trial has passed the final regulatory safety milestone and is demonstrating maintained graft functionality at 12 months post-treatment. These results are helping to shape the future of advanced personalized tissue therapies in health care.

Enhanced support from Vinnova’s CAMP project

In addition to this achievement, VERIGRAFT has also been granted extended support from Vinnova's CAMP project for their work in developing Personalized Tissue-Engineered Arteries (P-TEA) in collaboration with RISE (Research Institute of Sweden), Sahlgrenska University Hospital, Gothenburg University and YSDS (Your Special Delivery Service). This funding is instrumental in accelerating the project, moving it closer to clinical proof-of-concept and potentially transforming vascular grafting procedures used to treat cardiovascular disease.

Fostering innovation and advancing healthcare

VERIGRAFT’s recent achievements are a testament to the collaborative and innovative environment at CO-AX and Sahlgrenska Science Park. By fostering synergies between academia, healthcare, and industry, the park plays a crucial role in advancing healthcare innovations. This commitment extends through CO-AX, the healthtech accelerator program, which provides guidance and resources to nurture startup and scaleup companies like VERIGRAFT, with the goal of bringing their transformative ideas and products to caregivers and patients faster.


VERIGRAFT has grown to become a forerunner in industrialized tissue engineering and advanced regenerative medicine. The company has a strategically focused R&D pipeline of personalized tissues, targeting areas such as cardiovascular and neuronal disease. VERIGRAFT will commercialize a series of personalized tissue-engineered grafts on a global market. Current and future products will help millions of patients with today uncurable diseases, severely impacting quality of life and putting numerous patients out of work or into disability programs.

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The CO-AX accelerator enables entrepreneurs that are leveraging technology to address pressing health challenges, across a wide bandwidth of areas such as healthtech, biotech and medtech. As an integral part of, and based at, Sahlgrenska Science Park, our strong domain expertise and vast networks facilitate for individuals and companies to unlock the full potential of their innovations and to scale faster.

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