Sahlgrenska Science Park and Science Park Skövde announce new funding opportunity for digital solution entrepreneurs in Sweden
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Sahlgrenska Science Park and Science Park Skövde proudly announce the acceptance of their joint application to partner with the prestigious EIT Digital Venture Incubation Program, co-funded by the European Union. This initiative marks the program's inaugural launch in Sweden, building on its success across various European Union nations.

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Jamie Smith

The EIT Digital Venture Incubation Program designed to fast-track entrepreneurs from conceptual idea to minimum viable product, market validation and funding in less than a year.

Key features of the program include:

  • Funding boost: Entrepreneurs can secure up to €30,000 to fuel their startup journeys.
  • Access to EIT Digital investor network: Participants will connect with EIT Digital's Investor network, bridging entrepreneurs with international investment opportunities.
  • Expert mentorship: A worldwide network of experienced mentors offers guidance, insights and support to navigate the complexities of the business landscape.

Annica Grimberg Lignell, Director Business & Innovation and Head of the CO-AX Accelerator at Sahlgrenska Science Park says: "We are super excited to partner with Science Park Skövde to bring the EIT Digital Venture Program to Sweden. This program not only offers financial backing to promising ideas, but also serves as a catalyst for entrepreneurs to scale their ventures and make a meaningful impact."

Anna Emanuelsson, Business Developer Financing & Investor Relations at Science Park Skövde, adds, "The EIT Digital Venture Incubation Program symbolizes our commitment to fostering start-up growth and innovation. We are proud to collaborate with Sahlgrenska Science Park and EIT Digital in this mission."

Application process:

  • Read the participation criteria here
  • Complete the application form here
  • Application deadline: 28 April 2024.

Applications from Sweden will be reviewed by a panel of experts from Sahlgrenska Science Park, Science Park Skövde, and EIT Digital.

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