Sahlgrenska Science Park and partners secure funding for competence development project related to future medicines
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Sahlgrenska Science Park - in collaboration with Region Västra Götaland, the ATMP Center and Gothia Forum at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, and CCRM Nordic - proudly announces a European Social Fund grant for the “Competence development for ATMP” project. The project, with a total budget of SEK 10.4 million, includes co-financing from the Environmental and Regional Development Committee at Region Västra Götaland.

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Jamie Smith

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The "Competence Development within ATMP" project aims to enhance skills across diverse healthcare professional groups in response to advancements in Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMP). The initiative will prepare over 500 healthcare workers - including doctors, nurses, pharmacists, biologists, laboratory scientists - for transformative changes brought by new gene, cell, and tissue-based therapies, poised to cure previously incurable diseases and revolutionize medical practices.

Josefin Klingvall, Head of Project Partnerships at Sahlgrenska Science Park:
“With ATMP on the verge of significant breakthroughs, addressing the global competence gap in these unique competencies is critical. We are proud to act as a catalyst for this essential collaborative project. It goes beyond addressing competence development needs; it helps to position West Sweden as a front-runner in the global ATMP arena.”

Kristina Levan, Director of Sahlgrenska ATMP Center: 
"This project is a strategic initiative aimed at enhancing our capacity to develop and implement innovative therapies in healthcare. Simultaneously, it seeks to strengthen healthcare as a vital partner for the industry. Ultimately, the project aims to foster a globally competitive life science sector in West Sweden and ensure that new therapies are accessible to the region's residents. On a national level, this initiative underscores Sweden's commitment to developing ATMP solutions and building a skilled workforce for advanced medical treatments.”

Fredrik Wessberg, CEO of CCRM Nordic:
"This initiative enables us to begin developing competency-building capabilities in close collaboration with the healthcare sector. While it is being implemented in West Sweden, we are committed to sharing the concept freely with other regions and hospitals, supporting healthcare advancements on a broader scale.”

Supporting the paradigm shift in healthcare
Based on a pre-study identifying essential competence needs, the project includes activities at individual, organizational and structural levels for sustainable and effective implementation. Tailored interventions, including group training (physical and digital) and self-study, will be followed by practical workplace applications. This initiative equips professionals to deliver innovative therapies, addresses the global skills gap in ATMP, and enhances the region's competitiveness in life sciences through strategic collaborations.

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For detailed information and participation opportunities, contact Josefin Klingvall. For media inquiries, contact Jamie Smith.


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