Sahlgrenska Science Park launches new CO-AX Accelerator Growth initiative at GoCo Health Innovation City
CO-AX Growth

Sahlgrenska Science Park is excited to announce the launch of its latest growth initiative through its CO-AX Accelerator program. CO-AX Accelerator Growth by Sahlgrenska Science Park is designed to accelerate the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) with tech solutions addressing global health challenges.

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CO-AX Accelerator Growth will provide SMEs with support and a global network to enable commercialization, internationalization and to comply with industry standards to scale their operations and reach new markets. CO-AX Accelerator Growth will be operating at GoCo House in GoCo Health Innovation City.

The CO-AX Accelerator at Sahlgrenska Science Park has already supported the establishment of more than 140 companies addressing global health challenges. Building on this robust knowledge platform, CO-AX Accelerator Growth focuses on SMEs looking to scale for a next market entry, reinforcing Sahlgrenska Science Park’s commitment to accelerating health innovation and developing existing companies.

Key features of the CO-AX Accelerator Growth program
Participants in the 12-month membership program will gain access to senior business advisors, international networks and collaboration partners. They will receive comprehensive services, including:

  • Strategic and tactical business advice
  • Market and cross-industry insights
  • Regulatory and compliance guidance
  • Commercialization strategy support
  • Test and verification opportunities
  • Advice on capital opportunities
  • Connections to national and international networks and partners

Annica Grimberg Lignell and Emma Hallenberg will present CO-AX Accelerator Growth by Sahlgrenska Science Park at the GoCo Open House on Wednesday 29 May at 2 pm. More information and registration details can be found here.

Annica Grimberg Lignell, Director Business & Innovation and Head of the CO-AX Accelerator at Sahlgrenska Science Park, says: “We are thrilled to launch the CO-AX Accelerator Growth initiative at GoCo Health Innovation City. Our shared goal is to accelerate the growth and development of sustainable life science companies and to put West Sweden on the international map for health innovation.”

Marie Uddenmyr, Director Corporate Relations at Steptura, says: “We are delighted to host this transformative initiative that not only supports the growth of healthtech SMEs but also adds to our collaborative space for innovation and development at GoCo. The CO-AX Accelerator Growth program offers a great opportunity for our community; providing new essential resources and networking that are crucial for scaling and achieving international success.”

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