Welcome to the Compliance Hub at Sahlgrenska Science Park

At Sahlgrenska Science Park, we are excited to introduce our new Compliance Hub, a dedicated resource designed to empower life science companies with the knowledge, tools, and support necessary for navigating the complex world of regulatory compliance.


Navigating regulatory pathways with expertise

In the dynamic field of life sciences, staying compliant is not just about meeting legal requirements; it’s about ensuring the safety and efficacy of people and innovations that can change lives. Our Compliance Hub is tailored to guide startups and established companies through the labyrinth of regulatory affairs, be it in healthtech, medical devices, pharmaceuticals or biotechnology.

Services offered

  • Regulatory guidance and tools: Expert advice on EU regulations, FDA compliance and global market standards. Access to a wealth of resources including guidelines, case studies and tools to streamline your compliance processes.
  • Seminars and training: Regularly scheduled workshops and training sessions on the latest compliance trends and practices.
  • Network and collaborations: Opportunities to connect with regulatory experts, industry leaders and other like-minded professionals.

Your partner in compliance

Whether you are a startup grappling with your first CE marking or an established player looking to expand into new markets, our Compliance Hub is here to support your journey. We provide personalized consultations and guidance to align your innovative solutions with the necessary regulatory frameworks.

Join us

Embrace the path to compliance with confidence. Explore our Compliance Hub and discover how Sahlgrenska Science Park is committed to fostering a supportive ecosystem for life science innovation.


Stefan Book, Business Advisor Compliance and Sustainability