CO-AX companies, addressing some of the most challenging global health challenges

Startup and Scaleup


Making contactless health measurement accessible


A game changing way of contact-free measure our vital signs speeding up the triage process at care givers but also preventing accidents from happening when in motion driving a car.

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AI based software for drug testing through image analysis


Solution that detects if you are on the influence of drugs in just 60 seconds. It is faster, easier and less intrusive than other methods. The ai-based software solution can be used with a phone, be placed in a camera or might even be installed in a vehicle in the future.

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Maria and Petter

Enabling quick and accurate diagnostics of all infections


Multiplex testing with high sensitivity for diagnostics at the point of care.  One test for several infections with quick and accurate test results enabling evidence based treatment. Applicable for all pathogens with a 2 step verification  

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Provide daily health services at home right at the fingertip


Platform connecting individuals with health care professionals and relatives, providing personalised health services, real-time communication, and shared patient data is proccessed and viewed on tablets or smartphones.

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VSA Innovation

AI-driven automated urine testing and analysis solution

VSA Innovation

VSA Innovation develops SmartUrine, an automated solution for urine testing and analysis. SmartUrine automatically measures and wirelessly transmits urine data to a cloud-based application that enables advanced AI analysis.

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Analyze gait anytime, anywhere with precision in 40 seconds


World’s first scalable platform for accurate, real world gait analysis. It can be used in any environment, such as clinics, home or outdoors, for issues ranging from orthopaedics, post-stroke rehabilitation, mobility disorders, clinical studies and sports injuries, among others.

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Drone operations for safety and emergency response


By integrating unmanned drones and aerial vehicles with any emergency dispatch system, the solution can be equiped with a completely new and disruptive way transporting AEDs and tools quickly and saving lives.

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3D-bioprinting devices for tissue engineering


Illumigel focuses on design, development and production of bioprinting hardware, bioprinters and bioreactors.


Robotics and control systems company


Tricylon’s lead offering is a Monarch Robot that delivers an unparalleled accuracy and aims to enable surgeries with precision that hasn’t been possible to accomplish before. Monarch’s novel kinematics and sensor integration technology enable surgeons to interact with operational areas on an unprecedented level.

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Improved care processes in teledermatology


Dermicus mission is to help healthcare providers re-engineer the diagnostic and treatment processes of skin conditions with purpose built technology and proven implementation methods.

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Diagnosis and treatment of hydrocephalus


Brainlink intends to develop a new medical technology solution for the diagnosis and treatment of hydrocephalus. The idea is to create a technical solution based on the clinical need that enables non-invasive diagnostics that can hopefully improve the treatment results for patients with the disease.

Mable logga

Secure, real-time medical communication in any language

Mabel Ai

An AI-based mobile app for in-device speech recognition and translation of medical interactions in any setting with the possibility to connect to healthcare patient journals with just one click.

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med tech 20

Measuring patients benefits of medtech products


Medtech20 is a standardized tool measuring how medical devices affect people’s sense of security, integrity, social participation and convenience. In short, a person’s general wellbeing.

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Blood glucose detection through human exhalation


PeckiiLess has created a nano-sensor that can detect blood glucose levels through human exhalation to an extremely accurate level.

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Scheduling adapted to the health and care sector


Konvoj is building a scheduling optimization platform, tailor-made to meet the staffing challenges of the health care and long-term care sectors, using advanced mathematical optimization (a subfield of artificial intelligence).

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Digital objective assessment tool for attention disorders


Opatus provide a complementary neuropsychiatric tool for simultaneous measurements of Attention, Impulsivity and Activity.

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Transcutanous energy link for ventricular assist devices


Invivopower provides a disruptive transcutaneous wireless energy transfer technology to total artifical heart and ventricular assist device manufacturers.

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Early detection of cancer with liquid biopsy and AI


Advancing cancer detection preventing mortality through early detection. Pioneering metabolism-based liquid biopsy method that measures the GAGome,system biomarkers of tumor metabolism, then use machine learning to detect signatures of cancer noninvasively.

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Fully biological tissue-engineered transplants


Generates personalized tissue-engineered transplants for use in regenerative medicine.A unique technology platform turns donated allogeneic (“foreign”) tissue into an autologous-like (“personalized”) tissue and thus avoids transplant rejection and the need for life-long immunosuppression. 

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An app to support to become and stay sober -together


We at Cairy are working to lower the threshold for getting help to stop drinking. The program is based on scientific methods and approaches combined with exercises and thoughts from wisdom methods.

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happy at work

Efficient measurement of well-being in your organization

Happy at Work

With Happy at Work, you can either use our ready-made Standard Survey or you can create your own customized Extended Survey.

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Platform supporting daily routines for mental wellbeing


Remente help you build mental resilience, improve productivity and maintain motivation with our psychology based tools for individuals and the workplace.

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Self-help and coaching based on research for better sleep


SleepCure started 2017 with a clear purpose - to help as many people as possible to sleep better. Because good sleep leads to a healthier and more energetic life.

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Effective post-market follow-up of medical devices


From clinical studies to customer feedback, we create a direct bridge from your customers to you, upholding the highest security and privacy standards.

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AI-solution bridging the gap between dental & healthcare


AI-based software that enables  analysis of patients bone quality and detection of possible risk for osteoporosis later in life based on a dental x-ray at a regular visit at the Dentist.

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HealthTech Nordic Community

We accelerate tech for health

Co-founder of HealthTech Nordic Community

Together with Partners in HealthTech Nordic we gather around 300 health tech startups in the Nordics. Below are some companies we coach and support in west Sweden.  

All startups with drive and passion in the healthtech space, and with international high growth ambitions are welcome to become startup members of the HealthTech Nordic community. A membership in the community gives access to top level expertise, industry, investor networks, healthcare providers / potential customers and seminars on relevant topics and interaction with peers. It also gives access to our Learning portal and Investor portal.

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microwave based systems primarily to screen patients with brain injuries


Medfield Diagnostics AB (publ) aims to improve diagnosis of brain injuries. Early diagnosis will enable faster treatment, minimising unnecessary suffering, improving outcomes and lead to cost savings for healthcare and society.

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Utilising the universal effect music has on humans


Today there are already 50 million people worldwide with dementia, and it’s growing with ageing populations. Our innovation is utilising the universal effect music has on humans. Music side-steps cognitive barriers and lights up memories, emotions and the lust for activity.

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RETTS Online decision support system


RETTS Online decision support system contributes to the care staff's work to increase medical safety and quality by reducing the lead time to initial decisions regarding treatment, monitoring and possible sampling.

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Salus mea

strengthens person-centered security and collaboration for good and close care

Salus mea

Certified mobile telecare service in Europe with a person-centered, personalized, and preventive service that meets the needs of citizens and when it changes through the different phases of aging. It connects the users with healthcare providers, emergency care and relatives.

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Tylcon Medtech

Health implants enable continuous measurement of health parameters in patients.

The measurements are completely digital, continuous and create better assessment and

decision-making basis.

The measurement results are transferred to mobile applications with AI solutions. 

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Sidekick Health

Sidekick's clinically-validated digital therapeutic solutions and platform are built on science, rooted in behavioral economics, and scalable across multiple therapeutic areas. When combined with traditional treatment, efficacy can be strongly increased.

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