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Our mission is to help healthcare providers re-engineer the diagnostic and treatment processes of skin conditions with purpose built technology and proven implementation methods.

Dermicus Telederm is a purpose built teledermatology application to enable secure collaboration for multi-disciplinary teams across primary and secondary care. The solution includes mobile image capture workflows, AI enabled image quality checks, specialist remote diagnostic workflows and open APIs to connect to local systems and EMRs.

Dermicus Telewound is a clinical application that facilitates the diagnosis and correct treatment of patients with hard-to-heal wounds. The application includes specific clinical protocols for the various wound conditions to enable effective remote collaboration between nursing teams and specialists.

Skin Imaging
Demetra represents the next generation of skin imaging. It digitizes the dermoscopy processes with high quality optics to capture clinical and dermoscopic images for more confident diagnoses and easy follow-up workflows. The handheld design also avoids the hassle of switching lenses or clip-on phone attachments.

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