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Introducing a new CO-AX Accelerator Program

CO-AX Growth

Program tailored for SMEs aiming at commercialization, internationalization, and compliance expertise to scale in new markets. 

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CO-AX Accelerator Program

Growth Membership

CO-AX Accelerator offers a 12-month membership program tailored for tech SMEs aiming for commercialization, internationalization, and compliance to scale in new markets. 

Participants gain access to senior business advisors, international networks, and partners, along with comprehensive services in the following areas:

  • Strategic and tactical business advice
  • Target markets and cross-sectoral industry insights
  • Advice on regulatory and compliance matters
  • Test and verification possibilities within the Nordic region
  • Guidance on commercialization strategy and product-market fit
  • Advice on capital announcements nationally and within the EU
  • Connections to national and international networks and partners
  • Engagement with regional and Nordic communities
  • Exposure and opportunities at events and fairs, in-person and/or digitally


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Where to find us?

CO-AX Growth offices are located at GoCo House, Mölndal and Sahlgrenska Science Park, Arvid Wallgrens Backe 20 (Biotech Center), Gothenburg.