Project: Swedish Medical Language Data Lab

  • Predict healthcare events of interest

  • Optimise care

  • Empower data-driven research and innovation within life science

These are the end goals for the Swedish Medical Language Data Lab, aiming to develop medical language models and increase the accessibility to medical data. All in accordance with the ethical, legal, and technical processes that are required to manage sensitive medical data in text form.

The models are developed for application within healthcare, dental care and data-driven research and innovation within life science.

The initial use cases are provided by the stakeholders and data owners in the project. The clear focus on the need, the end-users, and on personal integrity, constitute the guiding criteria for the project.

Read more about the project at AI Sweden.

Logotypes for the sms project

The team

The project is coordinated by Sahlgrenska Science Park. The stakeholders and data owners are Region Halland, Folktandvården Västra Götalandsregionen and Sahlgrenska University HospitalPeltarion, RISE (Research Institutes of Sweden) and AI Sweden are the expert resources for the project.




Information driven care and deploying AI in healthcare

An introduction to the new paradigm of information driven care
Data ettor och nollor


Towards the finishing line

A summary of the project's deliverables and impact