Life Science in West Sweden

A transformational time in life science, driven by game changing trends

Download and read the report, Life science in West Sweden 2022.

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raqpport webb HIW 2022

report 2020

Health Innovation West Report Market Analysis

West Sweden is characterized by a strong life science industry.

Multinational, leading companies are based in the region. Academic strongholds include internationally eminent research teams. And high-quality clinical research and test beds are a feature of the region. Life science in West Sweden also benefits from close proximity to the automotive industry and a growing ICT sector. Several prominent life science infrastructure projects and initiatives are currently under development in West Sweden.

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Report webb hiw


The future of health - is it really all about the data?

The transformation of healthcare is urgent.

Politicians and civil servants at a regional level and many employees fully agree. We need to be able to offer an aging population care with a continued and increasing high quality and, at the same time, optimise how our tax-financed resources are used.

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report the future of health 2019

report 2019

Sector Convergence - A growth opportunity

The fifth industrial revolution is here. With even more collaboration and convergence between advanced technologies and people. 

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report sc 2019

report 2019

Hållbarhetsarbete inom life science

En övergripande bild av regelverk och krav riktad mot SME. En rapport i samarbete med Nordic Center for Sustainable Healthcare. 

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rapport vägledning hållbarhet

report 2018

The power of coaction

An aging population, the rapid increase in chronic diseases, antibiotic resistance and pandemics are putting pressure on the world’s health authorities to manage increased healthcare costs. At the same time, a continuous flow of new innovations is changing the healthcare system and is contributing to increased quality of life for millions of people.

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report power of coaction

report 2018

AI inom life science

The purpose of this mapping is to shed light on how AI is used in the life science field.

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report ai

report 2017

Life Science West Sweden

Entering life science is a growth opportunity.

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report LSW