Studio @Sahlgrenska SP

at your service

Broadcast your next event here

The Studio at Sahlgrenska Science Park is setup for self-service recording and streaming via Teams/Zoom. 

We'll give you a brief intro and full written instructions. That's all you need to be ready for going live on air or record your next company film.

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Studio @Sahlgrenska Science Park

Adjusted for easy scale-up for larger productions

The setup and all ingoing equipment are designed to fit external supplier’s technical equipment, providing a flexible upgrade through rental of additional technical equipment and support staff to use the same studio for larger events.

Sahlgrenska Science Park can offer additional support and tailored production services via partners on demand, such as production manager, video photographer, visual operator etc. The cost for added services is not included in above prices and will depend on requirements.

Sound equipment

Flexible sound equipment to secure three presenters with headsets and one handheld microphone for any guests. The system is compatible with standard rental equipment to be easily scaled up to several participants. Wireless microphone units with chargeable batteries including an extra setup of batteries and charger. Speakers for listening regarding e.g., incoming sound from Teams / Zoom etc. 16 channel audio mixer with programmable touch screen.

•    2 x Shure Dual Receiver 

•    3 x Shure Over Ear Microphones + Transmitter beltpacks 

•    1 x Shure Handheld Microphone 

•    Shure Chargeable batteries + charger 

•    1 x JBL Monitor Speakers with brackets 

•    1 x Soundcraft 16 channel Audio Mixer 

•    1 Touch screen Mixer User Interface 

Video, light, comfort & streaming equipment

Video-, light, comfort- and streaming equipment base setup to support a high branded level of internally managed Teams/Zoom meetings, as well as professional supported larger streamed events. For larger events the base setup can be supplemented with additional cameras, video micro, microphones etc.

•    1x Sony video camera, lens, viewfinder 

•    1 x Sachtler Tripod kit 

•    1x IPS LED 43" floor monitor w brackets 

•    1x Aperture studio lights with softboxes 

•    1x BlackMagic Web presenter w preview 

•    1x BlackMagic signal converters/splitters 

•    Signal and power cables, splitters 

•    55’ Samsung flatscreen monitor on floorstand (not featured on picture)