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Open innovation

We zoom in on what makes businesses grow; connecting people and deepening relationships in joint projects. 

We offer an inclusive open arena for cross-functional and cross-sector collaboration and innovation. Entrepreneurs, companies, researchers, patients, and healthcare professionals get the opportunity to meet in a neutral environment.





A unique cross-industry collaboration for technology development and innovation together with all West Swedish science Parks, MedTech West and Innovationsplattformen VGR. The project ended in December 2021 and resulted in useful tools and methods for demand-driven challenges.

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Svenskt Medicinskt Språkdatalabb


Swedish Medical Language Data Lab

Predict healthcare events of interest, optimise care and empower data-driven research and innovation within life science. These were the end goals for the project, aimed to develop medical language models and increase accessibility to medical data. 

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Legal Value Chain


Legal Value Chain

Aiming to help innovators navigate the world of medical device regulation.

Bringing new innovations into the healthcare sector is associated with many challenges. One of them is to have the innovation properly tested and documented, taking all legal aspects into account from the start.

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Stronger Together

Life science cluster collaboration

Aiming to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of life science in West Sweden by:

  • Attracting international skills and expertise
  • Catalysing innovations connected to the transformation of healthcare
  • Attracting new investments and establishments in the region
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We believe in collaboration

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