Project: Inn2Health

For three years Sahlgrenska Science Park has led a unique cross-industry collaboration for technology development and innovation together with all West Swedish science Parks, MedTech West and Innovationsplattformen VGR. The project ended in December 2021 and resulted in useful tools and methods for demand-driven challenges.

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Inn2Solutions is a working model for those working on challenge-driven projects. Ideal when you want an efficient process to move forward, to be able to show results and practical solutions that can be taken to the next phase.

Sahlgrenska Science Park and the collaborative project Inn2Health have developed Inn2Solutions during three years, aiming to achieve results in its various solution-oriented sub-projects.


Identified challenges

Learn more about the selected challenges in the project covering analysis and surveys and and how the work proceeded. Information in Swedish.

Dig into the analyses ans surveys
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Different perspectives on healthcare challenges

How can smart textiles, gamification and community building be useful for healthcare challenges?

Watch the recorded seminar in Swedish
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Project Report

Increased collaboration to strengthen the competitiveness among companies was the objective for the Inn2Health project. Here's a summary.

Read the full report in Swedish