They visualize the smallest things that matter the most  
Fredrik Eklund Holtra

To find an efficient, suitable lab space with an office is crucial for many startups. Holtra is no exception and has found its base of operations at Sahlgrenska Science Park.

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Holtra develops an innovative analysis instrument designed for detection of very small particles in liquids. Their technology combines holographic microscopy with software analysis using machine learning, enabling particles to be characterized in great detail and distinguished with precision. 

The potential applications for their product span a wide range of industries and research fields, but the possibilities within life science is by far the largest. And, the most exciting if you ask Fredrik Eklund, CEO at Holtra.

“It can involve analysis of bacteria and viruses or to characterize drug-carrying particles. Particle analysis is also important for detection of unwanted foreign particles in liquid pharmaceutical preparations, in particular for detection of protein aggregates in biopharmaceuticals. Here we can make a huge difference.”

Holtra, was founded in 2020, based on research at Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg. 

“As an entrepreneur, I’m developing an instrument that I would have liked to have as a researcher myself,” says Fredrik.

According to him there is a high demand on the market and the development is rapidly moving forward. 

“What used to consume three hours in our holographic analysis in 2018, can now be completed in just five minutes, largely thanks to the advancements in machine learning and graphics card technology. These advancements are driving significant progress in the field of microscopy."

Potential clients are large life science enterprises and SME’s to some extent as well as academic research. 
"Some of them may be found in the environment around Sahlgrenska Science Park, it remains to be seen. During my initial weeks here, I had many fruitful conversations by the coffee machine and in the hallways. Everything from application areas to regulatory matters and camera technology," Fredrik explains.

With some 20 000 people working and studying on a daily basis at ”Medicine Hill”, the environment in and around Sahlgrenska Science Park,  there is a good chance to deepen and extend the dialogue at events and community networks on site!

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