PExA, previous winner of Arvid Carlsson Award makes progress in the US

Another PExA instrument, for non-invasive collection of biological material from the inner parts of the lungs, has been installed at a government agency in the USA.

Publish date: 2023-11-02 Text: 

"It's exciting that this American agency, responsible for a significant portion of research conducted in the USA and also one of the world's largest government research funders, has now purchased an instrument from us. By installing and providing training on-site to the customer, we build a strong relationship and foster better understanding, which naturally facilitates ongoing dialogues with both existing and potential new customers," says Tomas Gustafsson, CEO PExA.

PExA AB, a company within Sahlgrenska Science Park community, develops and commercializes a unique technology aimed for the discovery of early biomarkers in the field of respiratory medicine.

In 2020 Anna-Carin Olin with team PexA received the  Arvid Carlsson Award by Sahlgrenska Science Park. This year’s award will be revealed on November 9 at the Park Annual event.

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