They set sales records in the middle of the crisis
Linn Hägg

The corona crisis does not only mean layoffs and unemployment. In the midst of the pandemic, MYoroface, part of Sahlgrenska Science Park’s community, has set its sales record several times and is now recruiting.

Publish date: 2020-06-01 Text: 
30 seconds exercise, three times a day with a training device about the size of your fist. That’s the recipe behind MYoroface product, IQoro. It is designed to treat the root causes of reflux, snoring and eating and swallowing difficulties, caused by for example a hiatal hernia or stroke.
– IQoro is a neuromuscular training device that exercises and strengthens the weakened internal muscles and activates the nerve system to and from the brain, allowing it to rebuild, improve and regain its control over these muscles and functions. Suffering from reflux, eating and swallowing difficulties has a vital effect on your everyday life. We want to help people regain their quality of life, says Linn Hägg, Marketing and Sales Director at MYoroface.
While the world is struggling with one of the biggest economic and health crisis in modern time, MYoroface has set new sales records – several times – during the last two months. To meet the increased demand MYoroface has recruited four new employees.
– Health is always, crisis or not, essential to ensure quality of life. If you don’t have your health, other things are not worth much. This crisis might have led to more people shifting focus to their heath, trying to find solutions to their health problems, says Linn Hägg and adds:
– Also, we have many users out there who share their story, on social media and to family and friends, about how IQoro has helped them. That has definitely had a positive impact for us.

Family innovation

MYoroface was founded in 2012 but the prototype for today’s IQoro was developed long before that, 20 years ago, by Linn Hägg’s mother, Mary Hägg.

– She worked as a dentist in a hospital and met many patients with swallowing difficulties, caused by stroke. The treatments available at that time were quite complicated, with insufficient results, and Mary was frustrated that they could do so little to help these patients, says Linn Hägg.

Mary Hägg had also studied neurology and pondered if the month could be used as a “reboot” button to restore the body’s own functionality, after a stroke for instance. She developed IQoro to test her hypotheses. When the first patient tried it with great result, Mary Hägg decided to continue her research and enrolled at Uppsala University to begin a PhD, at the age of 50.Her research made it possible to bring the product to the market by the company MYoroface. The company is run by her daughters and co-founders Linn Hägg and Ylvali Gerling, both with a background in finance and marketing. MYoroface is well established on the Swedish and UK market and next focus is to continue the international expansion. Linn Hägg also hope IQoro can help people regain their quality of life after the corona crisis.

– The next challenge for health care is the rehabilitation of covid-19 patients after intensive care. Many suffer from weakened muscles, including swallowing difficulties. We hope that IQoro can play a part in this rehabilitation to ease the pressure on health care and get people healthy again, back to work and their ordinary lives, says Linn Hägg.