MYoroface breaks new ground in UK

MYoroface, company within Sahlgrenska Science Park community, has been granted the right to provide its product IQoro on prescription in the UK as of 1 May 2022.

Publish date: 2022-03-24

IQoro is an innovative neuromuscular training device that treats the root cause of reflux, snoring and swallowing difficulties. In the UK about 13 million people, suffer from these conditions.

The prescription approval, through the National Health Service (NHS), means that patients who suffer from problems in the areas that IQoro treats can get the training device prescribed by a doctor or other healthcare professional with a prescribing right without any patient cost. In this case, IQoro is funded by the healthcare sector within the UK general reimbursement system.

The total value of the market where IQoro can now be prescribed amounts to approximately 34 billion SEK.

"This is an incredible success for the company as the UK is Europe's most important medtech market. It also confirms that IQoro has an obvious place in the public healthcare system," says Ylvali Gerling, CEO, MYoroface AB.

Most of the company's current customers in the UK have invested themselves in their IQoro. However, they represent only a small proportion of those who would like to treat their problems.

"IQoro on prescription will contribute to a significant increase in the number of people we can help to a better quality of life," says Terry Morris, Business Development Manager UK, MYoroface AB.

For more information, please contact Ylvali Gerling, CEO, MYoroface,, 
+46 70 344 56 65. 

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