Sahlgrenska Science Park facilitates recruitments through Jobbsprånget

Three startups in the community have recruited new employees after Sahlgrenska Science Park facilitated connections with Jobbsprånget.

Publish date: 2022-03-10 Text: 
Jamie Smith

Jobbsprånget is Sweden’s largest internship programme for foreign academics. It is a four-month-long internship programme run by the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences (IVA).

The programme connects newcomers to Sweden with Swedish employers in need of specific skills or expertise. The purpose of the programme is to speed up the entry of foreign academics into working life and give them a chance to show their potential.

After Sahlgrenska Science Park facilitated an event with Jobbsprånget at the end of last year, three companies have gone on to recruit interns through the programme:

  • Getica has recruited Neha Upadhyaya to work with sales and marketing.
  • Calmino has recruited Prachi Pradeep to work with IT.
  • Predicare has recruited Swetha Kambham to work with quality systems.

We would like to extend them a warm welcome to the Sahlgrenska Science Park community.

“With our recent launch of a diagnostic marker, we’ve been looking to ramp up our efforts in sales and business development, but we lacked the resources and experience to do so in a focused and efficient way.

I hadn’t heard about Jobbsprånget before Sahlgrenska Science Park promoted this programme, but we quickly realised this could be a great opportunity for Getica.

Since then, the process has been very smooth, and last month we employed Neha Upadhyaya on a four-month internship through Jobbsprånget. With her strong background in business and sales, international experience and holistic thinking, Neha is already making a positive difference for our business.

Hopefully, her time with us, and as part of the vibrant Sahlgrenska Science Park community, will benefit her future career. And it feels great to be making a meaningful contribution to society in this way – it really is a win-win for everyone involved.”

Olov Wahlsten, R&D Engineer, Getica