New innovation centre changes the cityscape
Sahlgrenska Life
City Planning Office Gothenburg

The development plans for Sahlgrenska Life will completely change the cityscape around the Sahlgrenska University Hospital and Sahlgrenska Science Park. In a 3D visualisation you can now see for yourself the extent of the planned construction.

Publish date: 2019-01-29 Text: 
Kenny Genborg

At the end of January, the consultation period expires on the proposal for the zoning plan for the project called Sahlgrenska Life. A new innovation centre for life science is planned to be built and directly connected to Sahlgrenska Science Park.

This entails major new opportunities to establish research-intensive operations and businesses within healthtech and other life science-with a physical connection to the Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

In the project, the hospital is being expanded with new modern care facilities and a new main entrance. At the same time, a new building will be built to span Per Dubbsgatan and extend to a new high-rise building on Medicinareberget. This will connect different activities and link to the University of Gothenburg’s natural science research centre.

In a 3D visualisation developed by the City of Gothenburg City Planning Office, you can now get an idea of the volume and height of the new construction in relation to existing buildings. See this video.

Sahlgrenska Life is part of further strengthening the collaboration between healthcare, academia, industry and society.

“The proximity between several clusters of expertise with complementary focus areas makes the Gothenburg region and West Sweden very interesting for establishments, investments and expertise in life science,” says Steinar Stokke, CEO at real estate developer Vitartes, which is actively involved in the project.

The company has its Gothenburg office at Sahlgrenska Science Park and specialises in project development within life science with the aim to integrate healthcare, research, education and industry in knowledge clusters.

In parallel with Sahlgrenska Life, the healthtech cluster GoCo is being developed next to AstraZeneca and the BioVentureHub in Mölndal. At the same time, there is a continued major expansion around Lindholmen Science Park where the focus is on mobility, AI and 5G-connected devices and services.

These are also key skills for the development of digital services in life science and healthtech.

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Facts: New life science environments totalling 150 000 square meters are planned in the knowledge centre, Sahlgrenska Life. According to the time plan, stage 1 will be completed in 2025 and the final stage in 2028.