Arvid Carlsson Award

Arvid Carlsson Award by Sahlgrenska Science park

Innovation and knowledge in conjunction with good entrepreneurship is tributed when Sahlgrenska Science Park is awarding a prize in Nobel laureate Arvid Carlsson’s honour.

Since 2017, Sahlgrenska Science Park awards the Arvid Carlsson Award every year in connection with Park Annual. The aim is to pay tribute to innovation, knowledge and competence in conjunction with good entrepreneurship through an award in Nobel Prize winner Arvid Carlsson’s name.

"The Arvid Carlsson Award was a fantastic opportunity for increased visibility as a young medtech startup. The award is important in lifting forward startups that have the potential for meaningful societal impact," says Filip Peters, award winner 2022 for turning smartphones into heart failure monitoring devices with his company Acorai.

At the event Park Annual by Sahlgrenska Science Park on 9 November, he will hand over the trophy to the new award winner.

Nomination period for the 2023 award is now closed. 

Winners through the years

Petra Apell


Petra Apell, Texray

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Filip Peters


Filip Peters, Acorai

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Anders Hyltander, winner 2021


Anders Hyltander, Surgical Science

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Anna-Carin Olin, PExA


Anna-Carin Olin, with team PExA

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Jens Nielsen, ACA winner 2019


Professor Jens Nielsen

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Kristina Lagerstedt and Susanne Staaf, ACA 2018


Kristina Lagerstedt and Susanne Staaf, founders of 1928 Diagnostics

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Prisutdelning 2017-fri pressbild


Erik Gatenholm and Hector Martinez, Cellink (BICO)

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Previous winners of the award together with Sahlgrenska Science Park. 

Award ceremony 

The prize is awarded annually in conjunction with Park Annual by Sahlgrenska Science Park.

The award was co-founded by Nobel laureate Arvid Carlsson and Sahlgrenska Science Park.

”I am very happy and proud to give name to an award that strengthens and celebrates innovation and entrepreneurship while paying attention to the importance of continuous skills development,” said Arvid Carlsson in 2017.


About Arvid Carlsson

Arvid Carlsson was awarded the Nobel Prize in medicine in 2000 for his discoveries concerning neurotransmitters in the nervous system. In addition to a key role in research and medicine, he was also a true entrepreneur, active in Sahlgrenska Science Park’s community for many years.

Who can get the award?

Nominated entrepreneurs in life science who drive development for human health and wellbeing.

The ambition is to give recognition and honor to promising and future entrepreneurs in academia, healthcare and industry to stimulate continued learning and networking in the global arena that is life science.

What does the prize consist of?

In addition to honors and diplomas, the prize consists of a challenge prize as well as participation in an international conference including travel and accommodation. Lessons learned from the conference will be described afterwards in conjunction with a lecture for entrepreneurs and companies at Sahlgrenska Science Park.



Lizelotte Edvinsson, Sahlgrenska Science Park,