WINNERS! Three CO-AX companies excel on the national stage
3 x CO-AX success stories

During October, three impact-making companies that are part of the CO-AX accelerator program at Sahlgrenska Science Park have been recognised through very well-deserved awards; reinforcing the incredible impact, ingenuity and innovation that exists in Sweden's healthtech ecosystem.

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Jamie Smith
  • Mabel AI won the prestigious Impact Maker award at the national finals of Sweden’s Venture Cup 2023.
  • Sightic Analytics co-founder, Stefanie Najafi, was named as Female Founder of the year by DI Digital readers.
  • VIDEM was awarded an SEK 1 million grant from Vinnova as part of their initiative to support innovations that strengthen Swedish deep tech.


Mabel AI – on a mission to eradicate preventable deadly misunderstandings

Language barriers in healthcare are a growing problem with increasing human and financial costs. In Sweden alone, SEK 1,000,000,000 is spent on interpretation by Swedish regions and municipalities every year. And there is a 10% decrease of survival chances for every minute you need to wait for interpreter resuscitation instructions during a cardiac arrest.

Enabling real-time communication, safeguarding sensitive data and ensuring equal care for all, Mabel AI is developing an app for instant, voice-to-voice translation of patient-doctor conversations requiring no internet.

The Venture Cup jury’s motivation for Mabel AI’s Impact Maker award was as follows:

“Mabel AI has come up with a solution that eloquently solves obvious needs. The company will make a significant positive impact on both economic and social sustainability within an industry that faces major challenges globally. A solution that simply stands out in today's market.”

The Venture Cup is Sweden’s largest competition for entrepreneurial ideas.

Read more (in Swedish).

Click here to listen to Mabel AI co-founder, Karolina Sjöberg Jabbar, interviewed on Norwegian radio. 


Sightic Analytics – developing a revolutionary AI technology to save lives

Alcohol and drugs are estimated to cause about 30 percent of all traffic fatalities in Europe. And 25% of all fatal accidents in workplaces in Europe are due to alcohol or drug abuse.

By using eye tracking, Sightic Analytics solution can detect the use of drugs, alcohol and medicines that impair cognitive function in an unbiased, non-intrusive way. The platform-independent software can be applied in a wide range of applications, including vehicle onboard systems, electric scooters, healthcare facilities and law enforcement.

Receiving the DI Digital Female Founder award, Stefanie Najafi, said “I see the award as recognition that others think we are developing an important and socially useful product that can save lives. It also shows that others believe in us as founders and that we can make a difference."

DI Digital is a prominent Swedish publication specializing in digital business, technology, and innovation news and analysis.

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VIDEM – enabling accurate, accessible and affordable diagnostic solutions

The ability to detect viral and bacterial infections quickly, accurately and at a low cost is crucial to provide the right treatment early and to prevent the spread of infectious diseases and antimicrobial resistance.

VIDEM has developed a patented technology for syndromic testing of infectious diseases at the point of need, with accurate results in less than an hour. Their handheld, easy-to-use and low-cost solution has the potential to benefit underserved groups in society and create a positive impact in healthcare systems all over the world.

The SEK 1 million grant awarded to VIDEM is part of Vinnova’s initiative to support innovations that strengthen Swedish deep tech; paving the way for the next generation of transformative solutions. VIDEM will use the grant to further advance biosensor development and conduct data analysis using neural networks to detect and quantify pathogenic microorganisms. This will play a pivotal role in addressing complex analytical tasks in health-related challenges, serving as an important step towards enhancing disease diagnostics.

Vinnova is Sweden’s innovation agency

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Annica Grimberg-Lignell, Director Innovation & Business at Sahlgrenska Science Park and Head of CO-AX:

“The teams at Mabel AI, Sightic Analytics, and VIDEM stand as inspiring examples for anyone with innovative ideas or a deep passion for tackling global health challenges. We take immense pride in collaborating with them and contributing to their remarkable journeys of growth and positive impact. Their well-deserved recognition is a testament to their gritty determination and unwavering dedication to their missions."


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