CO-AX welcomes five new visionary healthtech companies
5 new CO-AX companies
5 new companies join CO-AX

Gothenburg, 14 December 2023: CO-AX, the renowned healthtech accelerator at Sahlgrenska Science Park, is proud to welcome five pioneering new companies into its dynamic CO-AX community. Each of these tech-driven, entrepreneurial newcomers is poised to make a meaningful impact on global health. This latest expansion aligns with CO-AX’s commitment to champion growth-oriented entrepreneurs who are dedicated to addressing global health challenges.

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Jamie Smith

The five selected companies — ANYO Labs, Beat Vascular Health, Biotech Fluidics, Holtra and LUE Medtech — stand out for their disruptive approaches within the healthtech arena. They are now set to leverage CO-AX's specialized programs, which are crafted to accelerate their growth and propel their paths to market. 

Membership in CO-AX provides these companies with invaluable tools, resources and connections. These include targeted customer engagement for product validation, investment and financing opportunities, expansive healthtech networks across local, Nordic and international levels, as well as a collaborative working environment, expert business advisors and a community of fellow healthtech innovators. 

Annica Grimberg Lignell, Director Business & Innovation and Head of CO-AX at Sahlgrenska Science Park, says, “We are super excited to onboard these five diverse and dynamic companies into CO-AX. Innovation in healthcare goes beyond having groundbreaking ideas; it's about bringing those ideas to reality, impacting lives and enhancing global health. With our new members, CO-AX reinforces its role as a launchpad accelerator where the next big ideas in healthtech are cultivated and propelled towards the marketplace.” 

Meet the five new CO-AX companies: 

ANYO Labs – Enables ultra-fast, target-to-lead drug screenings using novel AI/ML methods with the potential to disrupt an industry. 

Beat Vascular Health – Combines simple sensors with AI to create a digital twin of your cardiovascular system, thus enabling early detection and prevention of cardiovascular disease; the world’s leading cause of death. 

Biotech Fluidics – Utilizes gravity as a driving force to enable sensitive, highly controllable and customizable liquid flow to improve medical and R&D liquid pumps. 

Holtra – Differentiates between particle types in the same liquid sample using holographic microscopy solutions. 

LUE Medtech – Enables automated handling of sterile surgical instruments through AI-powered robotic solutions. 

Click here to see the full portfolio of CO-AX companies. CO-AX is also a founding member of HealthTech Nordic, a fast-growing community of more than 300 companies that we co-founded together with like-minded, innovation-enabling partners across the Nordic countries to provide new and better ways of giving and receiving healthcare, thus improving the lives of millions of people around the world. 


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