CO-AX Accelerator welcomes four innovative healthtech companies to Sahlgrenska Science Park
CO-AX spring cohort 2024

CO-AX, the healthtech accelerator at Sahlgrenska Science Park, is excited to announce the addition of four pioneering new companies into its collaborative community. These new members — Blood Simplings, Medagogic, Nano Dentica, and SkillUp — are set to make a meaningful impact on global health challenges with their innovative technologies.

Publish date: 2024-05-13 Text: 
Jamie Smith

The companies will benefit from CO-AX's comprehensive programs designed to accelerate growth and market entry. They gain access to essential tools and extensive healthtech networks, as well as product validation and investment opportunities – on local, Nordic and international levels. All underpinned by a collaborative environment with expert advisors and a vibrant community of innovators.

Emma Hallenberg, Operations Manager for CO-AX at Sahlgrenska Science Park, says, "We're super excited to welcome these diverse and dynamic companies into CO-AX. They bring transformative ideas that positively impact lives and enhance global health."

More about the four new CO-AX companies:

Blood Simplings – Developing solution to increase success rate of blood samplings for patients with non-surface veins, i.e. children and elderly. Supports care providers at the point of care. 

Medagogic Developing pediatric emergency care training through immersive digital experience. Based on consumer-proven technologies such as virtual reality, smart assistants, video games, and cloud computing, enabling novel solutions with low technical risk.

Nano Dentica Produces nano and micro particles that are ideal for modern biomimetic dentistry​.

SkillUp Virtual reality healthcare trauma simulation in emergency care setting. Focusing on hand movements.

Click here to see the full portfolio of CO-AX companies. CO-AX is also a founding member of HealthTech Nordic, a fast-growing community of more than 300 companies that we co-founded together with like-minded, innovation-enabling partners across the Nordic countries to provide new and better ways of giving and receiving healthcare, thus improving the lives of millions of people around the world. 


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