Ribocure Pharmaceuticals levels up

​​​​​​​One and a half year after establishing Ribocure Pharmaceuticals at Sahlgrenska Science Park, the company is ready for the next phase.

Publish date: 2023-06-29 Text: 
Lizelotte Edvinsson

At the GoCo Health Innovation City, Ribocure Pharmaceuticals is creating a unique “from bench-to-bedside” set-up with an R&D department, a phase II clinical trial unit and an in vitro human cell lab.

This fast-growing biotech company, focusing on the development of cutting-edge RNA therapeutics, was founded in 2022 with high ambitions: To build a world-leading RNA therapeutics R&D company in Sweden and help patients all over the world.

“I was the only one in the company when moving to Sahlgrenska Science Park. Two months later we were three and today we’re counting 20 people,” says Li Ming, CEO Ribocure Pharmaceuticals.

Ribocure will be pioneering phase II clinical trials for nucleotide therapy in Sweden and the recent EU CTA approval in May was a big milestone in advancing their novel therapeutics towards the global market.

Now it’s time to move on since the company needs more space to grow.

“Sahlgrenska Science Park has been a perfect place for us when starting up the company. Good support from the community, access to conference rooms and facility services made the start quite easy. I think this really illustrates how well the innovation support system in West Sweden works,” says Julia Grönros, Project Director External Innovation.

To bring expertise together is key, and according to Li-Ming, Sweden and especially Gothenburg is a good place to be. Gothenburg holds not only one of the largest university hospitals in Europe, with University of Gothenburg and Chalmers University of Technology in proximity. Also, next door to GoCo Health Innovation City lies AstraZeneca Mölndal. This all together creates great possibilities for collaborations and joint efforts, which will strengthen Sweden´s international competitiveness.

While West Sweden is the home of Ribocure, the world is their market.

“Within three years, we aim at being a top-ranked oligonucleotide company in the world.” concludes Li-Ming.

Photo: From left: Sara Svedlund, Julia Grönros and Li Ming, Ribocure Pharmaceuticals.

About Ribocure Pharmaceuticals

Ribocure Pharmaceuticals AB (Ribocure) is a newly established Swedish biotech company with a business focus on the development of cutting-edge RNA therapeutics.

Our mission is to build a world-leading RNA therapeutics R&D company in Sweden and help patients all over the world.

Ribocure is primarily focusing on rare diseases within cardiovascular, renal and oncology therapeutic areas to address highly unmet medical needs. The company is devoted to discovery and development of first- and best-in-class drug assets building upon innovative oligonucleotide technologies.

As a subsidiary of Ribo Life Science Co., Ltd., Ribocure is able to combine the strength of a vertically integrated oligonucleotide research platform, with its translational and clinical operational excellence within the company. Our technological platforms provide a full set of solution from sequence design, screening, optimization, delivery technologies, all the way to large scale commercial CMC capacity. In 2022 we were able to advance three projects into clinical stages with a current average time of 20-24 months from idea to man.