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Gustav Johansson Simsen Diagnostics

After two years at Sahlgrenska Science Park, it’s already time to move on for Simsen Diagnostics. Just as it should be when emerging startups are developing into fast growing companies needing more space. And Simsen Diagnostics is definitely gearing up, heading for new international markets and business opportunities.

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Simsen Diagnostics, founded in 2020, develops technologies for ultra-sensitive analysis of complex DNA sources. Its solutions are simple to use and specifically adapted for analysis of difficult-to-analyse DNA, such as circulating tumour DNA, a biomarker specific for cancer.

A few months ago, the company raised 10 MSEK to scale the business and reach international customers as well as invest in an ISO accredited workflow. 

“We want to grow the company from Gothenburg, and with our product Simsen Personal we have great possibilities to help biotech and pharmaceutical companies from all over Europe,” says Gustav Johansson, CEO. 

The company has developed quickly and signed the first customer contract after only 12 months. 

“We had a fantastic start at Sahlgrenska Science Park, not only in terms of shared lab possibilities, but a welcoming atmosphere and lots of good advice from the community. It’s great to have colleagues from other companies and to be able to offer employees a larger social context.” 

The dynamics between companies also results in new collaborations. Simsen Diagnostics and eDNA Solutions, both working with DNA analyses, met each other at Sahlgrenska Science Park and were granted 3 MSEK last year to develop the next generation of tools for monitoring biodiversity together with the Universities of Gothenburg and Oslo, among others. 

Many potential partners are situated around the science park and the proximity to Sahlgrenska University hospital and Sahlgrenska Academy is of great value according to Gustav. On the other hand, moving into another office and lab facility will certainly present new exciting opportunities and broaden perspectives.   

And one of the great advantages with a small big city as Gothenburg, ranked as one of the most innovative in the EU, is that nothing is far away.  

About Simsen Diagnostics

The company is a spin-out from Prof. Anders Ståhlberg’s group at Sahlgrenska Center for Cancer Research and part of GU Venture’s incubation system.

Simsen Diagnostics develops ultra-sensitive and user-friendly technologies for reading DNA sequences. The company currently serves customers in the pharmaceutical industry by providing a service for measuring cancer DNA in blood samples for clinical studies. The technology has a broad range of applications beyond the field of cancer. The company is based in the Sahlgrenska Science Park in Gothenburg and was founded on innovations from Anders Ståhlberg's research group at the Sahlgrenska Academy. For more information, please visit Simsen Diagnostics' website at