Matchmaking employers with non-European talents
Ulrika Ågren and Swetha Kambham

This spring several Jobbsprångare, trainees from the program Jobbsprånget have done their training with different companies in the Sahlgrenska Science Park community. Jobbsprånget is a national initiative matchmaking employers with non-European talents recently arrived in Sweden. We recently caught up with Swetha Kambham, one of the talents, to hear more about her fantastic story.

Publish date: 2022-06-29 Text: 
Ulrika Ågren

Sahlgrenska Science Park is a wonderful innovative Life science platform for both the employers & the jobseekers. I met many people & started building my network.

Throughout my internship, I was lucky to have great people supporting me. I had a wide exposure by meeting new people during After work's, Fika's, Lunch seminars, etc., My special thanks to Ulrika Ågren & Carina Strand for the encouragement. The welcome post on Linkedin helped me a lot to get closer to the connections.

Predicare AB has a fantastic team to work with. I have learnt many things and attended training courses from LabQuality Pro which added an advantage. Though I was an intern, they always treated me as an employee. My journey has not been easy, I have faced many difficulties to get into the Swedish job market even after having a good professional background. Predicare AB has taught me many things & supported me to grow in my career.

I really recommend the other companies to give opportunities to immigrants who are struggling to get into the job market and I definitely believe that people with fire can do wonders! Interns at SSP will definitely have a bright future.


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