Key to success for healthtech companies
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Collaboration within the industry and with other industries is a key success factor for healthtech companies in West Sweden. That’s according to Sahlgrenska Science Park's CEO, Charlotta Gummeson, in a recent interview with MedTech Magazine. 

Publish date: 2022-03-23 Text: 
Jamie Smith

In the article, Charlotta points out that we can harness strengths from other industries to move the life science industry forward and become more competitive. Another key success factor is when academia, industry and the healthcare sector join forces to collaborate as they are doing within the cluster organisation, Health Innovation West.

Charlotta Gummeson highlights the fact that Sweden consistently ranks at the top of international innovation rankings; nevertheless, numerous Swedish life science companies still choose to move abroad, rather than remain in Sweden, to continue their growth journey. 

To enable the life science industry to flourish in Sweden, Charlotta Gummeson calls upon politicians to be brave, show leadership and pave the way to make it easier for companies to navigate complex regulatory frameworks and to access additional sources of capital.

Read the full article in Swedish here.

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