Finalists for the HealthTech Award 2023

Ten companies made it to the final of the HealthTech Award 2023. You will meet them at A great pitch @Vitalis on 23 May.

Publish date: 2023-05-15

Stay tuned for the opening of Vitalis on 23 May when the winner will be announced!

After the ceremony, the finalists will present their company at A Great Pitch @Vitalis.

✅ Mantis Photonics AB

✅ Medanets

✅ Mindmore

Mabel AI

✅ Paindrainer AB

✅ Picterus AS

✅ Profundus AB Sweden

✅ Seber Medical

✅ Sidekick Health (not presenting at Vitalis)

✅ Suicide Zero


This is the 3rd edition of the award by #GREAT, Vitalis and Sahlgrenska Science Park, recognising innovative companies providing a healthtech solution or product that has a proven positive impact on healthcare, prevention, prediction, health and/or quality of life.