Company visits: Politicians dive into life science

Part of our work is about communicating life science, the importance of joint strategies, talent attraction and capital. During our recent visit we had the pleasure of hosting politicians and civil servants together with Business Region Göteborg.

Publish date: 2023-10-03 Text: 

Mabel AI, a CO-AX accelerator company, Medfield Diagnostics, Verigraft, and Takara Bio, part of Sahlgrenska Science Park community, presented their companies' opportunities and highlighted the challenges they face.

“It was clear that talent attraction is a crucial issue and that it’s currently challenging to find the competence your’re looking for. It is evident that a mix of different competences working together is needed to achieve innovation and development,” said Katarina Hjernestam, Education Admin. The city of Gothenburg

"In politics, it's crucial that we grasp the real-world situation and articulate the challenges based on the input we've received from the businesses we've engaged with. Having genuine testimonials can be a valuable resource to share with our fellow party members in the council or municipal board."  Sara Sivre, Cultural committee, The City of Mölndal

"It's great to gain both a helicopter view and dive into various activities to understand what they are working towards and their challenges. It has been very informative, and in my role as a politician, I would appreciate to participate in more days like these," concludes Johan Radix, The City of Gothenburg's committee for democracy and citizen service.



Johan Radix, Göteborgs Stads nämnd för demokrati och medborgarservice, Katarina Hjernestam,  YRGO Högre Yrkesutbildning Göteborg, Catharina Brandsten, TakaraBio, Eva-Lena Albihn, Business Region Göteborg, Sara Sivre, Förvaltning kulturnämnden

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