Akademiska Hus and Sahlgrenska Science Park open new Shared Lab, a dynamic meeting place for research and innovation in Gothenburg
Ola Kjelbye

In the heart of Medicinareberget in Gothenburg, Sahlgrenska Science Park and Akademiska Hus are now creating an exciting opportunity for companies and researchers to collaborate in an inspiring work environment. The “Shared Lab” initiative at Medicinaregatan 9C offers approximately 2,400 square meters of flexible lab and office spaces. The private, shared and common spaces are designed to foster collaborative innovation, and include equipment and a lab manager.

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Jamie Smith

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The relocation of the Faculty of Science at the University of Gothenburg to the new Natrium building has paved the way for an exciting opportunity at Medicinaregatan 9C. The building, previously home to the departments of biochemistry, biophysics, genetics, and molecular biology, has been refurbished and is now ready to welcome a new wave of tenants specializing in life science. Following extensive renovations, the building now offers a harmonious blend of modern laboratory and office spaces, ideally suited for cutting-edge science. 

The Shared Lab co-working concept is designed to create a stimulating and collaborative environment. With access to advanced research equipment, business support and acceleration programs, it is an ideal place for smaller companies in life sciences. Renting space here not only gives companies access to infrastructure and facilities but also a unique opportunity to share expertise and equipment, and benefit from mutual support and collaboration. 

"The future looks really exciting. With this initiative, we are opening up the area to the business community in a completely different way than before. A creative environment for the benefit of both the university and the business communities," says Pontus Isaksson, Property Area Director, Akademiska Hus.  

Strategic location

The location in the middle of Medicinareberget provides proximity to both Sahlgrenska University Hospital and the University of Gothenburg, as well as scenic areas and excellent services and transportation options. It's a new concept for Akademiska Hus where Sahlgrenska Science Park will hosts the companies and drives community building and networking activities, while also offering a wide range of services.  

"One of the advantages of our collaboration with Akademiska Hus is that we can think big and develop our Shared Lab concept. It is incredibly interesting and developmental for our growth companies as we are creating a unique environment where innovation can flourish, supported by strong academic and medical connections," says Karl Maack, Site Development Director, Sahlgrenska Science Park. 

Starting from April, the fourth floor will be available for rental. This level boasts not only office spaces and lab benches but also offers sweeping views of Gothenburg. Approximately 12 office spaces and an equal number of lab benches are currently available on this floor. Over the next few months, the development of the remaining floors, 2 to 3, is anticipated to be completed. Once fully operational, the building is expected to house about 50 integrated lab and office spaces, in addition to 50 dedicated office areas. These facilities are specially designed for research and scientific endeavors aimed at enhancing human life and health. 

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