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Want to feel like a serial entrepreneur, even if you’re starting a business for the first time? 

Thanks to extensive experience since 2002 from scaling startups, we can give you access to unparalleled skills and knowledge.

Rest asure - we've seen it before and done it before.


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Our innovative companies

Startups and scaleups with gamechanging innovations

We believe in innovative startups and scaleups with a drive and curiousity for developing tech solutions for the better good of our health. This is what healthtech innovations is all about.

Whether solutions can be implemented in hospitals, nursing homes, home care or be supportive in a daily life setting or at work -  it may have the opportunity to change people’s lives

We challenge our companies to see beyond the horizon, exposing them for completely new industries where their healthtech solution can be used in production, in cars, airplanes or why not in spaceships.

The sky is the limit.

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Connect to the world

We work in close partner collaborations nationally and internationally in healthtech and startup programmes driving our companies expansion opportunities to the next level. 

Our dedicated international focus provides our companies connection to the right health care providers, funding opportunities, collaboration partners, customers and investors.  We also have opportunities for testing and verifiations in global context and in cross industry settings

We work locally but we act globally.

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Press Release

Sahlgrenska Science Park unveils rebranding initiative with the launch of CO-AX accelerator

Sahlgrenska Science Park, a catalyzer for innovation and collaboration in the life science sector in Sweden, proudly announces CO-AX, an exciting rebranding of its non-profit accelerator for startup and scaleup companies.

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Mabel AI won the HealthTech Award 2023

Mabel AI, company within the Accelerator at Sahlgrenska Science Park, received the Healthtech Award 2023 at the opening of Vitalis, the largest ehealth event in Scandinavia. The award, a cooperation between GREAT, Vitalis and Sahlgrenska Science Park celebrates healthtech innovations that make a difference for people’s lives.

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Premium test facilities - Nordic Proof

The Accelerator is in a new collaboration aiming to catalyse testbed possibilities for West Swedish startups and scaleups when partnering up with Nordic Proof.

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We help you raise capital

Funding, the most common challenge in the world of startups and entrepreneurs.

We give you tailored advice to create the best possible conditions to prepare, meet and raise capital from investors. We provide contacts to strategic seed and venture capitalinvestors across the Nordics and find the best solution for you.

Your success is our top priority.

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The team

We are a passionate and highly skilled team of business advisors including entrepreneurs, healthcare, funding & technology experts. We are a unique team with complementary industry backgrounds.



Tech innovations that solves tomorrow's health challenges

Do you want to be a part of the impact accelerator that drives tech solutions for health?

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