Meet the Nordics at Vitalis
HealthTech Nordic at Vitalis

Vitalis, the largest ehealth event in Scandinavia, is getting closer. As a member of the HealthTech Nordic community we will be there, together with amazing pioneers breaking the waves and reinventing healthcare.

Publish date: 2022-05-11

Come visit us all in booth B02:21. You’ll be surprised how many of our services and products that are actually out there improving life quality! Use this link (or insert your own company link here) for a complimentary ticket to the event.  

We at (company name) are presenting our product in (day & time here) and will be close to the booth at other times as well during this day/those days - call us and we’ll be there in no time!  

Make sure you register for the seminar about the Qually study that shows the actual impact that new solutions already have on the patients’ health, the societys’ costs and healthcare professionals’ work environment. The seminar “Samhällseffekterna av healthtech i siffror” takes place on Wednesday 18th of May, 11:30 – 12.00 in conference room A6. It will be held in Swedish but you are most welcome to contact us for a presentation in other languages.  (Also, keep an eye out for our traditional VIP mingle in the pavilion, no date set yet but stay in touch and we’ll let you know when to be there.)  

HealthTech Nordic is a community of selected solutions for a smarter healthcare delivery. We, the 315 member companies, offer a variety of world-class products and services which empower the individual, patients as well as professionals across 22 countries, reaching more than 2.5 million users and 75.000 paying customers. This is, simply put, a great opportunity for public healthcare to find tech that unleashes more time for humans to care, and for established industry to partner up with pioneers adding value to their portfolio.    

Among the members’ solutions you find validated results:    

Reduced ​ 

- admission and in-hospital days due to heart failure ​   

- need for ostheoarthritis surgery, by 31% ​   

- hospital readmission in COPD, by 60% ​   

- need for sleeping pills, by 80%    


- cognitive function in dementia patients​ 
- recovery from depression ​ 
- self care behaviour, adherence 
- care capacity​ 
- access to healthcare    

Read more about HealthTechNordic and about Vitalis, 17-19 May in Gothenburg.  

Looking forward to meeting you there!