Jens Nielsen won the Arvid Carlsson Award by Sahlgrenska Science Park
Jens Nielsen, ACA winner 2019

This year’s Arvid Carlsson Award by Sahlgrenska Science Park was awarded to Professor Jens Nielsen.

Publish date: 2019-09-27 Text: 
Lizelotte Edvinsson

- He is a role model in translating fundamental research into innovation and an inspiration within entrepreneurship, said Marianne Dicander Alexandersson, chairman of Sahlgrenska Science Park and the award jury.

Since 2017, Sahlgrenska Science Park awards the Arvid Carlsson Award every year in September. The aim is to pay tribute to innovation, knowledge and competence in conjunction with good entrepreneurship through an award in Nobel Prize winner Arvid Carlsson’s name. One of last year’s prize winners, Kristina Lagerstedt, 1928 Diagnostics, passed the prize on at a ceremony yesterday at the life science event Park Annual. The award was accepted on Jens Nielsen's behalf by Florian David, Assistant Professor at Chalmers.

-I am deeply honored to receive the Arvid Carlsson Award by Sahlgrenska Science Park. Throughout my scientific career I have always been interested in entrepreneurship and making sure that our research could find applications in society, said Jens Nielsen via a link from Copenhagen. 

The winner of Arvid Carlsson Award by Sahlgrenska Science Park 2019 is highly recognized internationally within his field. His research, focused on systems biology, modeling of metabolism, and metabolic engineering of cell factories has created breakthrough opportunities for the industry. He is the cofounder of Metabogen, a gut microbiota company and Elypta, a cancer diagnostic company.