Increased competitiveness and more collaboration via AI INNOVATION of Sweden
AI innovation of Sweden

The ambition level is super high for the newly-inaugurated AI INNOVATION of Sweden. The Swedish Minister for Energy and Digital Development, Anders Ygeman, sees the connection to Sweden’s Vision e-Health 2025 and the opportunities for healthtech.

Publish date: 2019-02-07 Text: 
Annika Åkervall

Together with some 40 partners, Sahlgrenska Science Park’s sister organization, Lindholmen Science Park, opened its new AI INNOVATION of Sweden-a national centre for applied research and innovation, on February 6th.

First in when the doors were opened were the Swedish Minister for Energy and Digital Development, Anders Ygeman, and Vinnova’s Daniel Rencrantz. Closely followed by all expectant collaboration partners.

AI INNOVATION of Sweden is a national and neutral initiative with the ambition to function as an engine in the Swedish AI ecosystem. And interest has been far above expectations.

AstraZeneca and Essity are involved in the major venture, as are Chalmers and Sahlgrenska University Hospital.

“One reason we joined relates to social responsibility. Another important thing is to attract the right skills,” says Erik Flood, Business Technology Director at Essity.

Collaboration extremely important

“You can’t succeed without collaborating. And it is important to be involved and to influence. In a broad collaboration, we can start from problems and create value by solving the problems together,” says Robert Sjöström, President Global Operational Services and CIO at Essity.

Artificial intelligence affects everyone. AI INNOVATION of Sweden is funded by Vinnova, Region Västra Götaland, industry, the public sector, research institutes and academia. The breadth of expertise is a great advantage.

Healthtech stands for applied digital technology that can give more people a healthier life and cost-effective, high quality care. AI is valuable in this work. As is experience from other industries.

For example, Zenuity’s CEO, Dennis Nobelius, one of the initiators of AI INNOVATION of Sweden, sees clear links between mobility and developments in digital health and life science. Especially within AI.

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AI is widely used

“By using AI, we can better analyse the large amount of data we get through our research. This can help reduce both the development time and the cost of new drugs,” says Anders Holmén, Vice President and Head of Pharmaceutical Services, Innovative Medicines and Early Development at Astra Zeneca, during the inauguration.

The ambitions are super high and adding to the attractiveness of Sweden and the region is seen as an important quality benchmark. Gothenburg is first out and further nodes with different profiles are planned in Skåne and Stockholm. Minister Anders Ygeman makes the connection to Sweden’s Vision e-Health 2025.

“Sweden should be the best in the world at using the possibilities of digitalisation. AI INNOVATION of Sweden is an important part of making this a reality,” he comments.

In this context, it can be mentioned that the nomination process for the eHealth Award 2019 has now opened. The award is based on the Swedish government’s and SKL’s Vision e-Health 2025 and is aimed at small companies within healthtech.

The picture shows Magnus Bergendahl (development manager) and Charlotta Gummeson (CEO) from Sahlgrenska Science Park. They have just signed the wall with the title: Together we ignite the Swedish AI ecosystem.

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