Everdrone wants to save lives with drones
Everdrone provflygning

Drones take the fastest route carrying new blood to patients in need. Sahlgrenska Science Park company, Everdrone, shows how healthtech is quickly changing healthcare and life science.

Publish date: 2019-01-24 Text: 
Annika Åkervall

“All monitoring and supervision take place digitally over the mobile network and security is very high. Our vision is to be able to save lives with the help of autonomous drones,” says Mats Sällström, CEO of Everdrone.

With the support of ‘Innovationsplattformen’ (The Innovation Platform) in Region Västra Götaland, the company has now carried out a pre-study on the benefits of drone transport as a conceivable complement in healthcare, for example, to the blood car which today runs between Sahlgrenska University Hospital clinics in Mölndal, eastern Gothenburg and central Gothenburg. Sahlgrenska Science Park has assisted with verification means.

“The pilot study is very important to us. In summary, you can say that the transport time can be at least halved by means of drones.”

“One challenge, however, is that many see drone transportation as science fiction. Something that belongs to the future. However, with the right technology and forms of collaboration, we believe that drones can become a useful aid for transport within the healthcare sector within two years, “says Mats Sällström.

“We are involved and are testing transports between Mölndal and Sahlgrenska,” wrote Boel Mörck, area manager and medical information director at Sahlgrenska University Hospital, on Twitter. Blood in all blood groups is sometimes in short supply. And there are many more possible uses that can be considered, such as transporting medical equipment or medicines in situations involving difficult-to-access environments,” Boel explains by telephone.

“I see great opportunities with this. It is easy to imagine future uses, where we need to shorten the transportation time. The prerequisite is that security can be guaranteed to 100 percent. We think it is interesting to be involved with the development of digital technology that can be of use in the healthcare sector. That’s why we are keen to be involved at an early stage,” says Boel Mörck.

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