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Emma Spak
MD, PhD, Coordinator of primary care at SALAR - the Swedish association of local authorities and regions (SKL)

In training to become a general practitioner. PhD in physiology. Former president of the Swedish junior doctors association and chairperson of the Swedish medical associations council of pharmaceuticals, E-health and medical technology.
Foto: Rikard.L.Eriksson

Ann-Marie Wennberg
Professor and CEO, Sahlgrenska University Hospital

After studies in medicine Ann-Marie started her career as a Doctor at Sahlgrenska University Hospital 1988, she became a Specialist in Dermatology and Venereology 1994, a science field where she also became Professor in 2015 (2010, adjunct Professor). Ann-Marie has experiences from several management positions, believes in close cooperation between industry, health care and academia and has a great passion for Change Management in Health Care.

Ulrika Kjellberg
CEO, Appva

Ulrika Kjellberg has had a long career in telecom industry B2B and B2C. Executive roles in sales management, process management and big data analysis.

Mrs. Kjellberg founded Appva in 2011 as a free-time project among friends that shared the belief that elderly care sector should have great benefits of digital transformation and we are the team to do it.

Karl Ahlstedt
CEO, Aweria

Karl Ahlstedt is founder of Aweria, a Gothenburg based tech startup in e-health for emergency care. Their integrated decision support keep track of each patient, reminds and recommends actions.

Juha-Matti Ranta
CEO, Medanets Oy

Juha-Matti joined Medanets team beginning of 2012 and is CEO since November 2012. The company has grown strongly in recent years and is a leading player in its field in the Nordics. Medanets is providing mobile point-of-care solution for caregivers, which improves care quality, patient safety and increases job satisfaction. With Medanets solution caregivers can focus on the patient instead of computer.

Johnie Berntsson
CIO Sahlgrenska University Hospital, eHealth department

Johnie is a former entrepreneur and is specialized in change management projects connected to IT and eHealth. With a background in starting up one of the earliest cloudservices for healthcare in Sweden he is dedicated in moving healthcare into more digital and efficient way of workflow. One of the key areas is to make the information go mobile.

Ragnar Lindblad
Head of the Departement for Healthcare Digitalization, Region Västra Götaland

Ragnar is a medical doctor, specialized in haematology, who became interested in using IT in healthcare 1988. He has been an irritating and demanding doctor for ten years in Gothenburg, an even more irritating and demanding IT-director at Danderyds hospital for seven years and a humble consultant and CEO at B3IT Healthcare for ten years. Now he is responsible for a huge procurement for the region and the continous digitalization of healthcare i Västra Götaland. Impossible och fantastic!

Häni Ashkar
CEO, Daqatra

Daqatra is one of Europe’s first digital health care provider with a focus on eliminating language barriers. By offering the opportunity to meet bilingual doctors via video, text or voice calls when the patient prefers it - they shorten the process of finding the right treatment for your symptoms.

Saemundur Oddsson
MD, SidekickHealth

Saemundur is co-founder and chief medical officer of SidekickHealth, a digital health company that combines behavioral economics, gaming technology, artificial intelligence and personal coaching to predict, prevent and manage lifestyle-related diseases. Prior to starting SidekickHealth, he practiced internal medicine and cardiology for several years at northern Europe’s largest teaching hospital. He is also an accomplished researcher and author of several peer-reviewed articles in the areas of obesity, cardiovascular disease and lung disease. His internal medicine residency program was completed at Sahlgrenska University Hospital. He holds a doctor of medicine from the University of Iceland.

Olof Sköld
CEO, Maurten

Olof Sköld is a co-founder and CEO of Maurten, He is a serial entrepreneur that has been working in the life science area the last 12 years. He is at present also chairman of the board of 1928 Diagnostics.

Anders Sonesson
Founder Diasend. Vice President /General Manager Glooko

Anders Sonesson was the founder of Diasend, and the founder of the diabetes data management industry which he started when he started Diasend in 2005. Diasend and Glooko merged in September 2016 to form the global leader in diabetes data management. Based in Gothenburg, Sweden, Anders is the Vice President / General Manager for Glooko's global operations. Prior to Diasend he also worked as a project manager for internal ventures at Ericsson.
Anders has a MSc in Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Chalmers University of Technology (Gothenburg, Sweden).

Jonas Berggren
CEO, Nordic Health Innovation

Jonas is a civil engineer and former business manager at Dalkia Facility Management, director of purchasing at SCA Graphic, business area manager and CEO of SSG Standard Solutions Group for 11 years. SSG is a collaborative enterprise for the whole of Swedish industry and is owned by the six largest forest industry.

Bengt-Arne Sjökvist
Ph.D.,Professor of Practice (Healthcare Informatics), Chalmers

The first ever appointed Professor of Practice at Chalmers. An eHealth pioneer in the mid 1980’s, developing systems and solutions now found in ambulances around the world. In combination with research, innovation and entrepreneurship, Sjöqvist has several years of experience from various leading positions within the MedTech and eHealth industry. He has a special interest in finding ways for enhancing development and innovation through increased co-operation between academy, healthcare and industry. He is also Program Mgr for the national open co-operation platform Prehospital ICT Arena at Lindholmen Science Park and responsible for the research area “Care & Rescue” at SAFER, the vehicle and traffic safety center at Chalmers.

Staffan Ternström
Executive Vice President, Commercial, Mölnlycke

Staffan joined Mölnlycke Health Care in March, 2014, and is responsible for Mölnlycke's commercial activities, including sales and marketing. Staffan has many years of medical device experience, including working for Johnson & Johnson, where he held various roles across a number of functions and regions, including Regional Vice President for Emerging Markets, based in Brussels.

Marianne Dicander Alexandersson
Chairman of the Board of directors, Sahlgrenska Science Park

Marianne has extensive experience in strategic management of life science companies. She previously held the position as CEO of Kronans Droghandel, The sixth AP fund, Global Health Partner and deputy CEO of Apoteket AB. Other assignments at present: Board member of Recipharm AB (publ), Enzymatica AB (publ), Praktikertjänst Aktiebolag, Camurus AB, AdderaCare AB and Promore Pharma AB.

Charlotta Gummeson
CEO Sahlgrenska Science Park

CEO of Sahlgrenska Science Park with the mission to increase the growth of the life science sector. Charlotta is also a member of the board at Connect Sverige - Region Väst. She has extensive experience in managing companies and projects within the health and healthcare industry, and has previously held leading positions in the pharmaceutical industry such as GlaxoSmithKline and Astellas Pharma. Beside the work in global large companies she has also been responsible for investment management in early stage growth companies within life tech at Almi Invest. Charlotta have basic medical training as a registered senior nurse and has also studied business & administration and leadership.