Swedish Medical Language data Lab – towards the finish line

In the third and final webinar from Swedish Medical Language Data Lab, you will meet Sebastian Berg, Techlaw,  presenting ways for hospitals and experts to collaborate on healthcare data access and usage and necessary considerations.

A summary of the project in terms of deliverables and impact is presented by Ulrika Ågren, Sahlgrenska Science Park, Magnus Kjellberg, Salgrenska University Hospital,  together with Olof Mogren, Rise, and Markus Sagen, Peltarion:

  • Improved AI readiness levels in Region Halland and Sahlgrenska University Hospital – both in terms of legal knowledge and infrastructure for language processing
  • Preliminary data showing that AI models can be successfully deployed for prediction and prevention in healthcare
  • Several trained models of different sorts (Berts and BoWs)
  • New projects:
    • Federated learning
    • Information driven care
    • Digital workshop

Utvalda juridiska aspekter – personuppgifter vid träning av NLP-modeller med patientjournalstexter

SMS Project Summary