Park Annual 2014

The innovation event of the year gathered over 400 life science stakeholders and Conference Centre Wallenberg swarmed with meetings. The exciting mix of presentations highlighted the strong growth potential in the region. One-to-one meetings opened up new opportunitites and there was a huge interest in UK at Park Annual. Did you miss the event or want to share the seminars? Enjoy the films below!

”Morning Session – UK at Park Annual”

”Driving innovation into healthcare, the UK perspective”

Opening Remarks

Ted Ternander of Sahlgrenska Science Park

Driving innovation from bench to bedside, what is the process?

Ravi Chana, Business Development Manager,
The NIHR Office for Clinical Research Infrastructure (NOCRI)

Medical devices and diagnostics – NICE evaluation and scientific advice

Nick Crabb, Programme Director, Scientific Affairs
The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE)

NHS Procurement & Innovation

Chris Slater, Head of Supplies and Procurement

How to understand the impact you could have on the care pathway

Anna Crispe, Senior Consultant
Health Enterprise East Limited (HEE) is the NHS Innovation Hub for the East of England

”Driving innovation into healthcare, the Swedish perspective”

An alternative Business Model in Life science

Magnus Björsne, Executive Director
AstraZeneca BioVentureHub

Facilitating collaboration between industry, academia and healthcare

Kaj Stenlöf, Operations Manager
Gothia Forum

Welcome to the Regulatory Authority – How can we help you?

Susanne Baltzer, Innovation Support Strategist
Innovation Office, Swedish Medical Products Agency (MPA)

Panel discussion

Panel discussion

Ravi Chana, Nick Crabb, Chris Slater, Anna Crispe, Magnus Björsne, Kaj Stenlöf and Susanne Baltzer

”Afternoon Session”

Opening remarks

Gunilla Bökmark, managing director of Sahlgrenska Science Park

”Presentation of start-up companies”

1928 diagnostics AB

Kristina Lagerstedt, CEO / Susanne Staaf, COO

Mittep AB

Philipp Mittermaier, CEO

Captario AB

Mikael Palmblad, CTO

GoodLifeMe AB

Donwload presentation (pdf)

Saemundur Oddsson, CMO

”Challenges for Future Health – the Need for Strategic Innovation Tools”

Challenges for Future Health – the Need for Strategic Innovation Tools

Jenni Norborg, Head of Bioentrepreneurship Department at VINNOVA

”Presentation of start-up companies” Part II


Victor Bache, CEO / Robinoneleg, Founder

Oncorena AB

Jan Törnell, CEO

Getica AB

Erling Sunderhagen, CEO / Camilla Fant, CSO

Stayble Therapeutics

Andreas Gerward, CEO

”Experiences in orthopedics and sports medicine”

Experiences in orthopedics and sports medicine

Lars Pettersson, Professor of Orthopedics, member of FIFA Medical Committee