They drive innovation and efficiency

29 oktober, 2020

Life science companies are evolving and find new ways of working that erase the lines between industries and sub-sectors. And the unexpected meetings, events and applications of science are everywhere!

So, how can you innovate in another sector than your own? Get some inspiration and take a look at four exciting and disruptive startups. Click to watch their films below.

Detectivio – introduces a high-throughput checkpoint performing automatic pre-triage based on contactless scanning of vital signs. Meet the founder and CEO Stefan Malmberg.

Eyescanner – helps customers create a safe, drugfree work environment by tackling drug related issues with preventive and controlling interventions. Meet the founders Stefanie Najafi and Jenny Johansson.

Miiskin – a tool for monitoring and tracking your skin and moles with photos at home in between doctor visits in order to identify changes on your skin. Meet the founder and CEO Jon Friis.

VectorizeMove– their product Walkbeat gives a unique walking pattern and delivers objective gait analysis for both humans and animals; anywhere within seconds. Meet the founder and CEO Siddhartha Khandelwal.