PeckiiLess joins our accelerator programme

21 september, 2021

PeckiiLess, a new company within Sahlgrenska Science Park’s accelerator programme, is developing blood glucose measurement based on human exhalation. The goal is to improve the lives of as many diabetics as possible by  non invasive technology.

– We’re excited to join the community. Working together with the experts, we hope to accelerate our progress through increased partnerships and new possibilities through Sahlgrenska Science Park network and beyond, says Neal Greenspan, co-founder and business developer at PeckiiLess.

PeckiiLess is a Sweden-based company that has created a nano-sensor that can detect blood glucose levels through human exhalation to an extremely accurate level. Hundreds of millions of people, most diabetics, around the world rely on accurate glucose monitoring to live a healthy life. Current methods are invasive, expensive, wasteful and can be painful.

Using the PeckiiLess sensor, lives can be improved, costs reduced and waste eliminated of the current blood glucose monitoring methods.

– We’re fortunate to have a few different viable business models and we feel that with the help of Sahlgrenska Science Park, we will be able to choose the best path forward, conludes Neal Greenspan. 




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