Mentice om AI-utmaningar

25 juni, 2018

Ett av de västsvenska företag som ingår i kartläggningen Artificiell Intelligens inom Life science är Mentice som är världsledande inom medicinsk simulering. Ta del av deras utmaningar nedan. 

Henrik Storm, CTO, shares some insights into the company’s work with artificial intelligence:

– Mentice efforts within AI is in a relatively early phase, so we have probably not encountered all the potential issues yet. We still do not have an official product using AI technology, but research is going on.

– Our main challenge right now is merely to understand on which problems we can use an AI approach, and how well it is going to work. Getting access to enough amounts of training data is a main challenge so far, so the  “Start-ups who might have the technology, might not have access to data” applies to us, even though we are not a start-up. As we are in a research phase “Which data sets are the most important ones” may be our second issue.

For more information, please contact Henrik Storm, Mentice, 0709-77 69 08 or: