31 maj, 2012

Meeting the needs in the area of Cardiovascular and Metabolic diseases

BIO-XTM, the model for open innovation, which has been successfully developed by Uppsala BIO will now become available to researchers throughout the entire Region Västra Götaland. This is a pilot call enabled by a close collaboration between GöteborgBIO and Uppsala BIO.

2012, GöteborgBIO invites you to submit a proposal regarding a significant research solution meeting defined needs in the area of Cardiovascular and Metabolic diseases (CVM). We are looking for new innovative tools and methods for prevention, diagnosis and treatment. Solutions could be based on biomaterials, health technology and pharmaceuticals, defined as focus areas of the Region Västra Götaland.

The burdens of Cardiovascular and Metabolic diseases are major, for the suffering individuals as well as in terms of healthcare costs. Obesity and atherosclerosis are both very high risk factors for life-threatening heart disease. Innovative biomaterials or image and intervention techniques have the potential to give new solutions with high healthcare benefit meeting the needs expressed by healthcare in collaboration with life science industry. Also, new pharmaceutical treatment or other ways to combat diseases, such as targeting the microbes occupying the human gut, plays an important role to the CVM disease area.

BIO-XTM will grant one or more projects funding up to 1,5 million SEK for a period of up to two years. But the journey towards a useful proof-of-concept requires more than money. BIO-X ensures that selected projects get the right support, including project planning and follow-up, IP advice and business development where necessary.

You will find the entire call, including the application form at

For more information, please contact Göran Leonardsson, project manager BIO-X, by e-mail or tel +46 (0)70-631 01 42.