Their method detects early signs of disease in the lungs

27 november, 2020
Respiratory diseases are one of the leading causes of death and disability in the world. PExA, part of Sahlgrenska Science Parks community, provides researchers with a technology to discover early sig

They drive innovation and efficiency

29 oktober, 2020
Life science companies are evolving and find new ways of working that erase the lines between industries and sub-sectors. And the unexpected meetings, events and applications of science are everywhere

Pop in and watch on demand

27 oktober, 2020
Park Annual is still open and you may recap or watch the sessions you missed at the live event on 1 October. Sector Convergence was the theme of the 15th Park Annual organized by Sahlgrenska Science P

“Build cross-sector collaboration”

30 september, 2020
Takeda is one of the Gold Sponsors for this year’s Park Annual event. We caught up with Sanna Venetvaara, Head of Centre of Excellence Innovation Nordics, and Vatroslav Mateljic, General Manager Swede

“Sector convergence is more or less unstoppable”

29 september, 2020
“The trend of sector convergence is more or less unstoppable. Businesses must engage with it or they risk being left behind,” says Hanna Sonning, Associate at Setterwalls business law firm, one of the

“GoCo is sector convergence”

28 september, 2020
”GoCo is sector convergence… We are born out of sector convergence. And we’re on a mission to drive and deliver more sector convergence,” says Peder Wahlgren, CEO for GoCo Development, one of the Gold

Take inspiration!

18 september, 2020
“If we want to find the real disruptive ideas, we need to take inspiration from other technologies, ideas and company cultures,” says Eva Wahlberg, Vice-President Research & Development at Wellspe

Measures vital signs without physical contact

11 september, 2020
“Covid-19 meant that a lot of research and clinical validation had to stop. But for us it meant that we could start,” says Stefan Malmberg, CEO Detectivio. The company introduces a high-throughput che

He brings ideas to life and research to market

7 september, 2020
“To ensure that advancement made in academia benefits society, it is important that researcher engage in translating their research for wider use” says Professor Jens Nielsen, CEO BioInnovation Instit


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