PeckiiLess joins our accelerator programme

21 september, 2021
PeckiiLess, a new company within Sahlgrenska Science Park’s accelerator programme, is developing blood glucose measurement based on human exhalation. The goal is to improve the lives of as many diabet

Building a stronger ecosystem builds stronger business

17 september, 2021
“Building a stronger ecosystem builds stronger business… The ecosystem here – how we can tap into it and help strengthen it – is very important to us,” says Matti Ahlqvist, Site Executive Director, Go

ReGo joins our accelerator programme

9 september, 2021
ReGo, a new company within Sahlgrenska Science Park’s accelerator programme, is redefining how the medical device industry interacts with end-users, helping companies reduce costs for clinical i

Awarding promising entrepreneurs

5 september, 2021
Innovation and knowledge in conjunction with good entrepreneurship is tributed when Sahlgrenska Science Park is awarding a prize in Nobel laureate Arvid Carlsson’s honour. The winner will be recognize

Nordic Health Innovation: From realisation to business

3 september, 2021
Is there a particular Nordic way of innovating in Life Science? Do our flatter hierarchy models matter, in academia and in business, in terms of questioning results and opportunities? Don’t miss the v

Think of an entrepreneur that deserves to be celebrated

11 juni, 2021
Nominate your candidate for the 5th Arvid Carlsson Award by Sahlgrenska Science Park.  The winner will be recognized at the virtual life science event Park Annual on 7 October 2021. Innovation and kno

They won the HealthTech Award 2021 in tough competition

18 maj, 2021
Boneprox received the The HealthTech Award 2021 at the Vitalis conference this morning. The award, a cooperation between GREAT and Vitalis, celebrates healthtech innovations that make a difference for

She is one of Sweden’s most innovative entrepreneurs

1 april, 2021
Jenny Johansson, co-founder of Eyescanner, is one of Sweden’s 10 most innovative entrepreneurs, receiving the ÅForsk Entrepreneurial Scholarship 2021. A well-deserved nomination for a passionate entre

Call for Nominations to the Henry Wallman´s Prize

24 mars, 2021
To the memory of Professor Henry Wallman, and the legacy of close cooperation between the clinical and the engineering sciences, Stiftelsen Medicin & Teknik (The Foundation for Bio-medical Enginee


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