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We design an individual  tailored startup program for each sartup to enable companies to grow at speed and with focus on what really matters and what makes a difference for future success. 

You will be guided by our extremly experienced healthtech business advisory team  to ensure you are prepared for and have what it takes in order to scale.

Taking part of our HealthTech Accelerator programmes will give you access to our startup office arena so you quickly connect to other startups and scaleups in our Accelerator and have daily access to the business advisors.

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Our Offering

Build your startup and learn from the best

Want to feel like a serial entrepreneur, even if you’re starting a business for the first time? Thanks to extensive experience since 2002 from scaling startups, we can give you access to unparalleled skills and knowledge. Rest asure - we've seen it before and done it before. 

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Detectivio and Eyescanner selected to MobilityXlab

Our companies

Healthtech infuses the mobility industry

Detectivio and Eyescanner break a barrier by becoming the first healthtech companies to enter the startup fast track at MobilityXlab and pioneer the mobility industry with their cutting-edge technologies. This is how Tech development meets the health needs and opportunities and together become Healthtech innovations.

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Parkinson Smartwatch


Nordic market entry for Parkinson Smartwatch

The dutch healthtech company Parkinson Smartwatch chooses the Health Tech Business  Acclerator @ Sahlgrenska Science Park and Sweden when growing their business internationally. Sahlgrenska Science Park is a leading healthtech partner in the Nordics for the EIT Health Bridgehead programme.

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Our innovative companies

Startups and scaleups with gamechanging innovations

We believe in innovative startups and scaleups with a drive and curiousity for developing tech solutions for the better good of our health. This is what healthtech innovations is all about.

Whether solutions can be implemented in hospitals, nursing homes, home care or be supportive in a daily life setting or at work -  it may have the opportunity to change peoples lifes. 

We challenge our companies to see beyond the horizon, exposing them for completely new industries where their healthtech solution can be used in production, in cars, airplanes or why not in spaceships.

The sky is the limit.

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Connect to the world

We work in close partner collaborations nationally and internationally in healthtech and startup programmes driving our companies expansion opportunities to the next level. 

Our dedicated international focus provides our companies connection to the right health care providers, funding opportunities, collaboration partners, customers and investors.  We also have opportunities for testing and verifiations in global context and in cross industry settings

We work locally but we act globally.



We help you raise capital

Funding, the most common challenge in the world of startups and entrepreneurs.

We give you tailored advice to create the best possible conditions to prepare, meet and raise capital from investors. We provide contacts to strategic seed and venture capitalinvestors across the Nordics and find the best solution for you.

Your success is our top priority.

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Do you have a great idea?

If you have an idea that can make a difference in life science, then Sahlgrenska Science Park's accelerator is the obvious choice for you.

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It's our ambition to get your startup in a position to get lucky. 

We are a team with complementary backgrounds and extensive experiences. Every day it's our mission to make sure that our startups have the best prerequisites for success.

We put you in the best position to get lucky.

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