Salus mea

Salus mea is the first certified telecare service for the mobile phone that brings security to users both at home and outside.  By using modern, simple, and discreet technology, Salus mea meets individuals’ needs through all phases of aging. The service is compatible with a smartphone and a tablet  and complies with the requirement of the Social Services Act.

The service has three main target groups:

The user – Salus mea was created to ensure users’ safety without having to isolate themselves at home, or for the ones that want to maintain safe throughout their entire life and retain an active lifestyle.

Relatives – Relatives can take part in daily activities, health status, or receiving alerts. Either directly or afterward if you are not able to have the primary responsibility.

Caregivers -The services for healthcare providers are produced to support the user at home and/or distance. Some examples of the services provided by Salus mea are creating geographic comfort zones, escorting, or locating users by using GPS positioning.