Mycorena is a Swedish cleantech company working to bring the concept of circular economy to food and agriculture industries across the globe. With innovative biotechnology processes based on edible filamentous fungi, Mycorena develops solutions for turning industrial waste streams into high-value products. By improving resource extraction, increasing material reuse and enabling new product development, the quest is to bring sustainability and value creation to waste management worldwide.

The fungal processes central to Mycorena’s business are safe, sustainable, efficient, and 100% bio-based. Thanks to the fungi’s potent bioactivity and metabolic versatility, it can be used for industrial purposes across a wide variety of sectors. Possible applications include food & feed, pharma, paper & pulp, industrial chemicals, bioplastics, textiles, and biofuels.

By combining top expertise from research & technology with a strong business organization, Mycorena strives to develop the world’s most productive research-to-business model, working to bring innovative solutions of biotechnology and circular economy to the forefront of commercial development.