What’s the pricing potential of your product?


An overview of the benefits early-phase, health-economic modelling can provide when the outcome of the product development program is still largely unknown.

08.30 – 09.00 Breakfast buffet and mingle
09.00 – 09.45 Seminar

Åse Björstad, PhD, Senior Manager Health Economics & Outcomes Research at PharmaLex, shares her expertise on how to estimate the costs and effectiveness of a pharmaceutical or device before clinical trial data is available.

Early-Phase Modelling (EPM) balances between accuracy and manageability, and represents an easy to grasp, conceptual overview of your product and its potentials.

You will get insights on how high-quality, early modelling can provide early insights on opportunities and challenges for your pharmaceutical or device in development, and how this can be used in strategic decisions. We will discuss how EPM can facilitate the understanding of likely cost-effectiveness of a new treatment and assess impact of different results of planned/ongoing clinical studies, influence choice of indication, positioning, comparators, highlight data gaps, and facilitate pricing, market access, and reimbursement strategies in the further development of pharmaceuticals or devices.

Key Learnings
What type of data is needed for performing EPM?
How early is early – when should EPM be performed?
What insights can be gained and how could such information shorten time to market?

Pharmalex Sweden, formerly Nordic Health Economics, offer highly qualified health-economic services throughout the development process of pharmaceuticals and medical technology-products. PharmaLex Sweden services include the development of EPMs, predicting justifiable price level for a pharmaceutical or device based on available information and the expected outcome of the clinical development program.