Welcome to A MedTech West Seminar

Kammaren, Blå stråket 5, Sahlgrenska University Hospital
11.30-12.30 (13.00)

Regional Hospital-Based Health Technology Assessment

presented by Ola Samuelsson

The Regional Health Technology Assessment Centre (HTA-centrum)  Region Västra Götaland, has the task to make statements on HTA reports carried out in VGR.  The statement should summarise the question at issue, level of evidence, efficacy, risks, and economical and ethical aspects of the particular health technology that has been assessed in the Regional activity-based HTA.

Health technology assessment (HTA) is the systematic evaluation of properties, effects, and/or impacts of health care technologies, i.e. interventions that may be used to promote health, to prevent, diagnose or treat disease or for rehabilitation or long-term care. It may address the direct, intended consequences of technologies as well as their indirect, unintended consequences. Its main purpose is to inform technology-related policymaking in health care.

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